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Planning and Design

Whether you want to renovate an existing landscape, or create a completely new outdoor environment, the first and most important task is to develop an overall concept.  In today’s era of environmental awareness, the focus of landscape design has changed from what was largely aesthetics, to a process where the design is focused on the impact to the macro-environment.  New design practices, not only allow the landscaping to fit into it’s surroundings, but serves to protect and sustain the overall environment.  The design of storm water retention systems, wetland buffers, sustainable plantings, and the use of native plants all work together to protect and sustain the natural surroundings for future generations.

A good plan will ensure that:

  • The owner communicates their vision, ensuring a positive outcome
  • Each separate element will fit seamlessly, (i.e., masonry, paving, plantings, irrigation system etc.)
  • Resources are not wasted on redundant operations

A good plan will also:

  • Allow the project to be completed in phases
  • Prevent the omission of important components, (drainage considerations, lighting, etc.)
  • Ensures the proper materials are chosen to be incorporated into the finished product
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance (a well designed landscape requires less maintenance)
  • Incorporate the latest design practices to protect and sustain the environment

Scenic Designs employs accomplished landscape architects and designers ready to collaborate with you on your next landscape improvement project.  Scenic Designs will bring your project from drawing board to installation on time and on budget.